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Jessica Taylor Drake

"I love jake and the happy factory! Seriously some of the best workouts and it's a great time. I've never been in such great shape."

Michelle Bickler

"The Happy Factory and Jake has personally changed my life. Not just physically, but also in achieving a more fulfilled and confident version of myself."

Lauren Brown

"You’ll always be met with a smile. They truly care about you and your fitness goals! They aren’t just like any other gym."

Tee Hall

"I did a lot of research and found The Happy Factory and boy am I glad I did. This place just feels like home and the vibe is right."

Ray Damper

"Such an amazing facility and very kind trainers! This place really has a great atmosphere and right when you walk in, you feel part of the community there."

Adrian Ibave-Vaughn

"It is a great one on one fitness concept, where you are truly cared for. Your commitment to this training space will be equally matched by your trainer."

Jasmine Sanders

"I haven’t been back to the gym very often since having a baby and this class has been helping me get motivated to start moving again!"

Shane Farmer

"The coaches at the Happy Factory are knowledgeable and personable. They understand that exercise and nutrition aren’t cookie cutter concepts."

Alyssa LeFrock

"I have trained with Jacob for almost 7 years, he is extremely knowledgeable about exercise, the body and diet."

Shahe Koulloukian

"Simplicity is the key to true happiness and at the HAPPY FACTORY you will understand the meaning when you are greeted with the highest respect."

Susie Tourville

"Amazingly friendly and encouraging staff. They truly care about their clients and make them feel like part of the family."

Scott Jensen

"Awesome facility with an amazing vibe. Do yourself the favor of a lifetime and get in to this place. You can thank me later."

Renee McMahan

"They have helped me so much with my strength, mobility, flexibility, and just feeling great about myself! I would recommend them to ANYBODY!"

Clarita Green

"The class was fun and challenging for all fitness levels. Looking forward to checking out more classes."

Jeff Ockinga

"Jake is the most positive, highly educated and amazing trainer ever. I seen more results following his training programs then I ever thought was possible. "


We’re more than just a gym. We’re a fitness community.


We are a group fitness gym in Phoenix, AZ that goes above and beyond to keep our workouts as exciting as possible.


The secret to making the most of your group fitness class is learning how to properly excercise first. Let us teach you how.


We’ll provide you with the right support, a realistic plan, and people who will inspire you to strive for more. Join us!


Your first class is on us. We can’t wait to meet you! Come and experience the Happy Factory difference.

You hate spam, so do we. We’ll only use your information to contact you and schedule your free class. That’s it.