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Our signature training approach includes the perfect balance of cardio and strength training, and our exceptional coaches ensure that your workouts are scaled to your fitness level and executed with proper form and technique.
It’s time to train like no other. Welcome to the Happy Factory.

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Video Testimonial by Michelle bickler
"When I first started with Jake, I could barely lift a five pound dumbell and I felt super defeated. Now, I've done things that I thought I'd never be able to do, in and out of the gym."


"I was unhappy and I was overweight. When it came to Jake, that all changed. He built up my confidence, he made me feel better about myself and he gave me goals that were obtainable."


The Happy Factory - Phoenix

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Being mentally exhausted at the end of your day is NOT normal, and decision fatigue is a symptom that you are stretching yourself too thin. Our days are filled with decisions moment by moment, hour by hour, meeting by meeting. We make thousands of choices every day, and when it comes to food, it is estimated […]

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