Semi Private Personal Training

Semi-private training delivers the best of both worlds: an individualized program designed for you by our expert trainers based on your experience and goals, and the ability to work out alongside two, or three others in a fun, group setting. We take the best elements of private training and group fitness classes and combine them to create a personalized, unique experience.

With this membership, you will receive a one-on-one consultation where our expert trainers help you set your goals. From there, you will select how often you would like to train with your trainer per week (2x or 3x per week). You will have access to the gym during the days you are not working with your trainers during business hours. Our trainers will write your workouts in your journal so you are able to do a full personalized workout on your own on the days you are not with your trainer.

Partner Training

Partner training is a great option for those who want a super individualized experience and a partner to help hold them accountable! You can choose your partner or based on your goals, we can help match you with someone who is also looking for a partner for training. Enjoy customized training sessions which focus on your physical & aesthetic goals while also training alongside a partner who encourages & motivates you!

Custom Package

We understand that you might need to find a different package not listed above. We are happy to help create a package that works well for you!