Jake Elston

I was born and raised in Arizona. I grew up in the small town of Tolleson and attended Tolleson Union High School. After high school, I attended Glendale Community College where I studied Strength and Nutrition Exercise Science.
My high school strength coach noticed that I enjoyed training, especially to coach and train the other athletes even more. Coach Baker advised me to look into becoming either a strength coach or physical therapist. Once I began working with and helping clients, I knew what my passion and calling was. Watching my own results and progress is nice, but watching my clients’ progress is what I wake up for in the morning.
My main goal with my clients is to help them find what truly makes them happy. Health is not all about shredded abs or huge arms. It is more about developing discipline and committing to a process of change. I love working with clients who not only want to improve their health, but also clients who want to further their career, personal life, finances and all other aspects of life! Your vibe attracts your tribe!
My philosophy is education first. My clients get a full in-depth education on form, technique, and physiology of the body. Once my clients learn form and technique, we then progress into resistance training with barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, body weight, and machine based exercises.
Training Specialties: Lifestyle Transformation, Weight Loss
Credentials/Certificates: IFPA professional natural bodybuilder, certified personal trainer, nutritionist.
Training: 1 on 1, Small Group, Class
Contact Info:
(623) 694-0490
“Try is a doubt word. You either do or do not.”
“Motivation is bullshit. Discipline and commitment are all you need.”

Roxanne Delgado

Born and raised in Arizona, I grew up in sunny Phoenix. I attended Arizona State University for undergrad, receiving a Bachelor of Science in Exercise and Wellness, and moved on to A.T. Still University for graduate school where I obtained my Master’s of Science in Kinesiology. I am bilingual in English and Spanish.
I was first introduced to the fitness industry in 2007 as a sales lead for a local gym. Shortly after I began working in the gym I became a certified personal trainer and I began the journey of aiding others in their health and fitness goals. I was fortunate enough to work part-time and build a clientele, while I also pursued my education. As I explored different specialties within personal training and found corrective exercise/rehabilitation to be my calling. 
My philosophy focuses on delivering a safe, effective, and engaging exercise program while simultaneously empowering clients through knowledge, guidance, and support. Exercise programs are tailored to the physical/functional needs and goals of an individual. As an educator, my mission is to aid clients in optimizing their quality of life not only in the gym, but in everyday life as well.
Training Specialties: Pre- & Post- rehabilitation, Corrective exercise, adaptive sports, geriatrics, and injury prevention
Credentials/Certificates: Master’s of Science (Kinesiology), Bachelor’s of Science (Exercise & Wellness), NASM- Certified Personal Trainer, CPR/AED
Training: 1 on 1
Contact Information:
“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

Marc Sanders

Hi, I’m Marc, 26 years old, born in Houston but raised in Honolulu, Hawaii. Graduated B.S Kinesiology from Old Dominion University. My favorite musical artists are Kendrick Lamar, Migos, and Kanye West. Thai Tea with Boba is the bomb. I enjoy hiking and the naps that come after them. And I almost forgot... Go Falcons!
I’ve always been a scrawny kid up until high school. That’s when I began playing football and running track & field. I was eventually recruited to play for a D3 university while completing my undergrad. Through these sports, I acquired the knowledge of various forms of strength training, technique, and fitness programming. After football, I became a volunteer Athletic Trainer, where I learned about the rehabilitation side of fitness. I currently enjoy participating in Intramural leagues, dodge-ball tournaments, and on occasion, hot yoga.
My goal ultimate goal is to help change lives. I want to create a connection with all of my clients and motivate them everyday to push themselves, all while having fun. For me, helping someone better their health is always an exciting experience to be apart of.  
Training Specialties: Group Fitness, Corrective Exercise, Team Building, and Sports Stretching
Credentials/Certificates: B.S Kinesiology, Certified Personal Trainer, Weight Loss/Management, First Aid, CPR/AED
Training: 1 on 1, Small Group, Class
Contact Information:
(808) 781- 3909
“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” ― Mahatma Gandhi